Request to All Vessels
Nagoya-Port Vessel Traffic Service Center

1. Listen to VHF (Ch 16)

The Center constantly supervises vessels within the radar service area and provides information in the event of emergencies, so be sure to listen to VHF (Ch 16) while your vessel is within the radar service area.

Due to negligence, vessels sometimes continue to transmit after VHF communications have ended.
When this occurs, the Center cannot contact these vessels, so be sure to check your VHF transmitter and receiver after use.

2. Listen to medium-shortwave (Japanese 1,665 kHz , English 2,019kHz) broadcasts

The Center delivers medium-shortwave (1,665kHz , 2,019kHz) broadcasts on maritime traffic , twice every hour from 00 to 15 and 30 to 45 minutes(Japanese) , 15 to 30 and 45 to 00 minutes(English).

3. Check your VHF radiotelephone (transmitter and receiver)